White's Country Meats



White’s Country Meats has two smokehouses that run 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We make over 400 pounds of pepperoni a week, as well as jerky and nine assorted sausage flavors.

Types of Jerky available at White's

  • Original peppered
  • Teriyaki
  • Sweet Heat Wagyu

Jerky - A Healthy Snack Alternative

Jerky is one of the healthier foods you can snack on if you get a brand not loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives. It’s a great way to refuel between meals with its relatively low caloric count and high protein content per serving. So much so, even astronauts request beef jerky because of its low weight and high nutritional value. Considering what we know about carbs, the importance of protein and the ‘undemonization’ of fats, it all adds up to jerky being a great food choice.


Our new beef jerky recipe uses straightforward, natural ingredients found in any home kitchen. The new product is now much tastier, much better quality and offers you a more wholesome packaged snack with simple ingredients. Set off by just the right amount of natural spices, this is how great beef should taste. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients.

Lean, premium beef. Minimally processed with simple, natural ingredients — the same ingredients you might find in your own kitchen.
Peppered Smoked Beef Jerky is moist and juicy with dynamic piquant pepper flavors. Order some today and brace yourself for a battering blast of pepper beef jerky spice. Once you go to a Peppered pack, you won’t go back.

White's Jerky Cure - For the Home Smoker


Whites Beef Jerky is well known and loved around these parts with its’ perfect balance of smoke and spice. Our beef jerky recipe uses the most delicious, straightforward and natural ingredients found in any home kitchen.

For those of you that like to do your own smoking and meat prep, we now offer our secret homemade jerky cure recipe, as well as many other rubs and spices, in our store. Everything you need for fantastic jerky in one package…just add the meat.