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Game Processing

Whites Country meats wants to help you enjoy the fruits of your hunt on your dinner table. The first steps in game processing are to field dress the meat properly, cool the meat down rapidly and thoroughly, then transport it quickly. Whites Country Meats is one of the largest game processors in the Portland Metro area. We utilize game processing techniques in which we retain the largest portion of meat possible from your prized game.

"Once your animal is at Whites Country Meats, our expert butchers will take over."

Our smokehouses run 24/7 and recipes handed down from generation to generation in our family guarantee the best sausage, pepperoni and jerky available ANYWHERE in the greater Portland Oregon Metro area.Whites Country Meats and Custom Game Processing will give you more meat for your buck! White’s Country Meats does custom game processing. For more than 25 years, hunting enthusiasts here in the Pacific Northwest have trusted White’s Country Meats for their processing. From steaks to sausage, we do it all. Please take the time to check out our Custom Game Order Form to read our options.


NOTICE: We are no longer accepting livestock animals for processing. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

However, we are still accepting game animals as usual.