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All beef is not created equal. Steaks and other cuts may look similar, but there are various cuts and grades that make each steak or cut very unique. In the United States beef is graded for quality by The United States Department of Agriculture, or more commonly known as USDA. Higher quality cuts of meat and steaks have more fat interspersed between the meat, this is commonly known as “marbling”. Marbling contributes highly to a more flavorful and tender steak. You can read the USDA standards of grading beef


USDA Beef Standards:


Meat with this rating has not met the minimum standards for a piece of beef. This grade is typically used in very low quality ground beef or canned products.


This grade of beef is what is typically sold in stores, and unfortunately what most people think of when it comes to steak. This grade is perfectly okay, but it will lack flavor, and the tenderness that come from a higher quality cut.


This grade of beef is also often sold in stores. While it’s quality is better than Standard, it will also lack marbling and thus the flavor and tenderness of a higher quality steak. Grocery stores will often label this grade of meat as their premium beef.


This is a high quality cut of meat, and usually will be the highest grade a grocery store will carry. This cut will have more marbling than lower grade cuts and thus will have more flavor and tenderness.


This is the highest rating that a piece of beef can achieve. It will have heavy marbling, and will be very flavorful and tender. This type of beef is very expensive and usually found in very high class steakhouses and restaurants.

"White's Country Meats, all of our beef is “Select” grade or better. All of our beef is USDA Inspected and clearly graded so you know up front what you’re getting. No fancy “Store Labels” to confuse our customers. Come in today and we will help you choose the perfect cut of meat."