I love White’s. Especially their pepper steaks … they are to die for. Hands down this is the best meat shop around. I go there from Vancouver just to get the pepper steaks.

Bob Jones


Absolutely fantastic quality. From their steaks, ground beef, and country style bacon to their roasts, bacon-wrapped steaks, and natural, free-range turkeys, I have never been disappointed…we have decided that we’ll never, ever buy grocery store meat again. White’s Country Meats is absolutely the way to go.

Chaney Grant


This is the place for meat on the east side of town. Everything is fresh and delicious. Even teriyaki sticks or jerky is fresh. If you go in on a hot summer weekend grab a number right away or you’ll be waiting for a while.

Joe Kris

"White's Country Meats is committed to our Quality and Freshness Guarantee…so much so, that we make fresh ground beef on premise 3 to 4 times every day, so you know when we say “Fresh” we mean it!"