Barbecue Pellets

Gourmet Barbecue Pellets and Smoker Pellets

Whites Country Meats is proud to offer Gourmet BBQ Pellets from Traeger. Gourmet BBQ pellets are the highest quality, yet affordable, pellets we have found anywhere. For the non-electric smoker grill users we have Wiley’s Cooking Woods and hickory chips in stock.

Important Differences in BBQ Pellet Quality

All barbecue pellets are not created equal, while they may look the same, there are big differences in the way barbecue pellets are made. These difference have a
huge affect on the quality of your BBQ or next smoker session.

All Natural Hardwood BBQ Pellets

logo100Gourmet BBQ Pellets are made of all natural hardwoods with an alder base. The wood comes from direct contact with orchards and mills in Oregon to insure only clean, pure wood is used. The pellet flavors have been approved through collaboration with chefs that depend and insist on consistent, high-quality flavors.

Additive Free BBQ Pellets

Gourmet BBQ Pellets never use any artificial additives in the manufacture of the bar-b-que and smoker pellets. Some pellet companies use oils and extracts which are sprayed on an alder pellet, these pellets may smell ok in the short term but are not able to maintain a true wood smoke throughout the cooking or smoking process. Don’t settle for any less than true hardwood pellets.

High Quality Bar-B-Que Pellets

All Gourmet BBQ Pellets are manufactured with the latest equipment and very stringent quality control measures. These pellets are extremely dense, dry, contain no fillers and very few fines. All of these factors guarantee that you will have a strong slow burn with consistent smoke and very little ash.

Gourmet BBQ Pellet Flavors

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